Resplendent Hospitality, an Austin PR & Marketing PR Firm, is hiring for the position of a full-time Account Executive. Candidates must have one to three years of PR agency experience and a serious love affair with the food, drink and hospitality industry as a whole. We are looking for someone who can immediately manage their own accounts with assistance. We are also looking for someone who is eager, organized, creative, professional and rational, in addition to being an excellent communicator—both written and verbally. The candidate must be interested in engaging in the community of Austin, which consists of attending multiple events on a weekly basis (most of which are after work hours and sometimes on the weekend), developing relationships with thought leaders and staying abreast of relevant Austin affairs. Additionally, our ideal candidate must have a grasp on the national hospitality industry, understanding where our clients fit in best. This is not an entry-level position. If the below describes you, please email resume, cover letter, writing samples and salary requirements to


  • 1-3 years of PR experience, either in-house or agency, preferably in the hospitality world.
  • A past history of working in the food and beverage industry—no matter the capacity.
  • Know Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms inside and out. Must possess the ability to take on multiple clients’ voices at the same time, engage with followers and be able to produce and curate interesting content that will appeal to and entice fans.
  • Possess the ability to cultivate and maintain professional relationships with clients, media and really, any type of human being.
  • Know how to write press releases, media alerts and other press materials in AP format, with deadlines in mind.
  • Professional demeanor, but with a sense of humor.
  • Have a mode of transportation to travel around Austin and the surrounding areas, and to San Antonio.
  • Know major media outlets on the local, regional and national levels.
  • Have a grasp on today’s hospitality industry in Austin, San Antonio and beyond.
  • Be a fast learner with the ability to prioritize, multi-task, manage others and meet deadlines.


What you will be doing (which can vary from day to day):

  • Execute and manage full-service public relations and marketing campaigns for clients, which include:
  • Coordinating media events
  • Creating focused media lists
  • Drafting and distributing press materials
  • Securing press
  • Booking clients for various appearances and events
  • Constantly drumming up new creative ideas for clients
  • Manning multiple social media accounts simultaneously and understanding clients’ objectives and scope of work as a whole
  • Craft creative, relative and timely pitches that the media will actually care about.
  • Assist with event production, digital maintenance and more.
  • Community relations—Ensuring client gives back to the sector that they feel most passionate about. Ensure this message is conveyed to media.
  • Researching/organization/reading—Googling, often.
  • Hustling—We work hard and fast.



  • Knowledge of Cision
  • Knowledge of WordPress
  • Knowledge of PhotoShop and/or InDesign
  • Knowledge of MailChimp/Constant Contact
  • DSLR photography skills
  • Hospitality specific PR Agency experience
  • An eye for good design
  • Teach us something we don’t already know
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