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We believe good work speaks for itself. It just so happens that oftentimes good work needs help reaching its audience. That’s where Resplendent comes in.

We bring the audience to you. And we don’t stop there. Our work broadens your audience by telling your story in new ways to new people, achieving a better understanding and bigger reach.

Whether you are at the top of your industry or just starting out, new to the community or changing it. When there is news to share, important stories to be told and new experiences to be had – our good work begins.

Industries We Serve

Resplendent has an affinity for new experiences that pique our interest – whether it be dining at a restaurant, relaxing at a resort, or sipping on the latest beverage. We stay up to date on the latest trends and continue to be infatuated with the following industries:




Community Impact



Happi Foodi






Our Team

We are a women-owned company based in Austin, Texas, Northwest Arkansas and Richmond, Virginia. We love working with creatives as we are a team of creatives ourselves. We are curious problem solvers who happen to be brand storytellers.

Our leadership is dedicated to providing resources and opportunities for continued education to our team – skills that will be put to use for our work and skills that will directly impact our mission. Our goal is to foster talent and give it room to grow.

We’re proud members of the Female Founder Collective.

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Our Mission

We dedicate our time, talent and reach to amplify voices. Beyond our portfolio of client work, we also champion causes that speak to our core values. As a company we believe feminism is for everyone, Black lives matter, LGBTQIA Rights are Human Rights, Mental Health is important, no one should go hungry, and everyone should have equal access to vote.

Resplendent proudly offers non-profit discounts and partners with organizations that uplift and create advantage for Brown and Black youths and protect and empower women from marginalized communities in a pro-bono capacity annually. 

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Our Home Sweet Home(s)

Resplendent Hospitality has offices located in Austin, Texas, Northwest Arkansas and Richmond, Virginia offering services to the surrounding markets. We also work with clients in New Mexico. Should you have a need outside these markets, please contact us to see how we can help.

Austin Office

3101 Menchaca Rd.
Austin, Texas 78704

Arkansas Office

1 East Mountain Street
Fayetteville, Arkansas 72701

Richmond Office

Richmond, Virginia

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