Resplendent Hospitality’s PR campaigns for The Roosevelt Room are designed to ensure the multi award-winning cocktail bar receives its much-deserved nationwide recognition. With a proactive focus on national media relations, Resplendent uses the bar’s considerable arsenal of tools such as it’s talented staff as well as it’s innovative and ambitious cocktail program to secure prestigious placements in major publications, national “best of” lists, and professional character and business profiles.


PR & Marketing (National and Local)


2018 New Menu Release

Local PR for Miracle on 5th St

Christmas Pop-Up Bar

Event and Programming Promotion to Local Media

Promotion of the Bar’s Kindred Event Space, The Eleanor

Coordinating Visits for Notable Media (Local and National) 

Select Independent Market Promotion for 2019 Pop-up Tour

PRESS 5 Modern Takes on the Reverse Manhattan

MAXIM: 8 Unique Bottles to Upgrade Your Home Bar, According to Bartenders

VinePair: The Shiso Rona Cocktail

Cheers: What I’m Drinking Now

Imbibe: Uncorked, Three Ways: Sherry Cobbler Crush the Rush: 5 Bartender Tips for Surviving the Weeds

PUNCH: Tip Your Bartender: The Roosevelt Room, Austin How to Reduce Bar Staff Turnover

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